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Welcome to This website provides a portfolio overview of C.M.Hofstede. Here you can find study assignments, projects and hobby related information that I have been involved in.

This portfolio website was made in July 2009, however some assignments and projects were actually done before that date. To provide a correct overview, the post dates for those entries have been adjusted to reflect the correct date.

Writing the various articles on this website was not meant as a full coverage of everything. Highlighting the most interesting aspects and illustrating these was the main goal. Companies, software programs and fellow students are mentioned as deemed necessary. Privacy sensitive, personal and non dis closeable information is present very little or not at all.

For any country, other then the Netherlands, all pages will reflect the English language version of each article automatically. Note however that not all pages have an English equivalent and that the language can always be changed through the sidebar selection menu.

For specific questions and remarks, each article offers the possibility to comment.