Z-363 Spectre 3D Printed Body for Bioloid Premium

Time to finally reveal my newest robot to the world. It has been in development on and off for about 1,5 year now. I got the idea while working on my previous project, the Tachikoma. In essence it is using an existing robotics kit and replacing the generic frame parts with extremely awesome looking bits. I was very lucky to pick up a cheap second hand Bioloid Premium and then the tinkering commenced. A quick overview with 3 images: sketch, 3D design, physical reality:

Some specifications:
– It takes 140 hours to print, at layer height 0.2 and 0.25 mm for small and large parts respectively.
– It consists of 56 separately printed parts.
– All the Bioloid Premium parts can be dropped in and connected (AX-12A, CM, battery etc).
– Some range of motion has been sacrificed for cosmetic purposes.

I’m looking in to doing something commercial with it, in combination with Open Hardware, making all the .stl and or the 3D engineering files available. Additionally I also want to improve the wiring with custom wire shielding by ordering some sleeving from moddiy.com.

Some work in progress images from various stages:

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