TNO Summerschool Robotica 2010

Company: TNO
Assignment: Win at game of tag with the Pioneer 3-DX robot.
Group size: 4 persons
Team name: Delft Blue BOTS

In the summer of 2013 (9 to 13 of August) TNO offered students a summer school robotics course. After a double round of selection, 24 (international students) went through. The program during the week of summer school involved presentation from people who worked in the robotics industry, group presentations and playing a game of tag with a team through the use of the Pioneer 3-DX robot against 5 other teams.

The winner, the team with the best overall strategy would win a TNO sponsored trip to the 2010 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation. Delft Blue BOTS finished 3rd.

Below, two short impression videos, showing how a game of tag proceeded during the summer school.

Robot skills during the Summerschool Robotica 2010 (1)

Robot skills during the Summerschool Robotica 2010 (2)

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