Test Engineer - Kalmar A.C.T.

Employer: Kalmar
Role: Test Engineer
Period: February 2011 – August 2015
Location: Utrecht
Responsibilities: Part of the navigation software development and hardware integration team for autonomous guided vehicles (AGV’s) at Kalmar. Internationally active in and for projects worldwide (Finland, USA and Singapore). Responsibilities include testing, design and requirement analysis, commissioning and supporting product development. Products are actively used within the horizontal transport at container terminals.

Kalmar Automated Straddle Carriers at TraPac

Defining properly measurable requirements based on stakeholder wishes and technical needs and thoroughly testing these through the use of predefined test plans and self developed analyses tools. This is possible through being well acquainted with the functions of the different components (sensors and actuators), sub systems on a vehicle, the industrial communication protocol CANopen and being able to analyze the behavior of the vehicle.

Flexibly put to use (internationally) on site for commissioning the automated software and hardware parts of a vehicle, performing the first (and last!) troubleshooting to get the product up and running. Simultaneously (internationally) training and supporting fellow testing colleagues, operators and service engineers. Creating and keeping the transferability of knowledge through the use of documentation and training material.

Testing, analyzing and optimizing the real time supervisor system that provides routes to vehicles, manages the transportation flow and traffic control.


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